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funny quote from carroll smith [12 May 2006|03:24pm]
Mintex M17FF is a relative newcomer to the scene, at least in this country. It is softer than DS11 but apparently has a broader operating temperature range. This is an apparent contradiction in terms which I will attribute to magic.
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[27 Feb 2006|04:12pm]
did anyone else hear that little girl's rendition of the italian national anthem at the olympic opening/closing ceremonies?

man, i was bawling.
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myspace, the movie (really funny) [13 Feb 2006|06:41pm]
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[10 Feb 2006|09:58am]
I played some guitar a couple days ago. It was cool, the only thing affected by my finger issue is bar chords, but that should be fine in around a month i would guess. it is healing remarkably well and fast.
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i lost a chunk of my finger [26 Jan 2006|04:07pm]
So yesterday I was in the CAM center working on the FSAE car with three other guys (including the designer). The past few weeks have been spent constructing the steel tube spaceframe. It is basically done now. Yesterday we started work on the seat mount. It is made from half inch diameter tubing whereas the rest of the frame is made from 1 inch diameter. For this smaller tubing, in order to join them together (fish mounting) you just cut it straight through with a saw over-length and then grind the ends down to create the circular pattern. (With the big tubing you can just take a circular drill mount and drill through at the proper angle.) Grinding these small tubes is harder and takes concentration because they're thinner and gind down really fast, yet it's harder to make a good smooth curve because the grinder wheel is as wide or wider than the tube itself.

Anyways, i was really focused on it and I somehow got my left index finger in a position to touch the grinder wheel. It just hit the side for an instant and was, i guess, quickly thrown off or my reflex pulled it off. It made a horrendously terrifying noise that I will not soon forget. This prompted Caleb to look over. Despite the extremely short contact it made, I looked down to find a significant chunk of the front/side of my finger about a centimeter from the tip missing. Surprisingly enough, it did not hurt at all. But when I saw how deep it was and the profuse bleeding I realized I was gonna have to go somewhere for help. I grabbed a few paper towels from the shop and put them on the wound, then grabbed my backpack and left. I am surprised how brutally calm I was. The other guys saw it and were freaking out.

They suggested I go to Student Health Services but it was closed after 5 and this was about 5:15, so I had to go to the Alvarado ER. Once at the ER I went to the receptionist and she calmly gave me a form to fill out, asked for photo ID, and told me to sit down and wait. To make a long story short, I ended up waiting until 11:30 before being called back and given help (6 hours). The story was: usually Grossmont takes most of the ambulances, but they were apparently full so they were sending them all to Alvarado. Protocol says that anyone who comes in an ambulance automatically goes back to get a bed. This included 5 prisoners. It was wierd seeing these guys escorted in with their hand-foot cuff things in the orange uniforms. There were guards all over the ER. Meanwhile, all the people who had come in through the door were waiting for hours. There was a period of about 2-3 hours where no one was called back. The people waiting included a guy with a nail in his finger and a guy with a big gash on his hand. (The guy with the nail left because of the wait and there was no end in sight.) My dad made a comment about how the prisoners got better service than us and that was true. It really kind of pissed me off. The guy next to me once I finally got called into the ER was one of these prisoners. His ailment was that his water broke and he couldn't decide whether to get a c-section or go natural.

So I waited 6 hours, got called in, waited another 30 minutes, and then they spent a grand total of about 45 seconds working on me. They couldn't stitch it since it wasn't a cut but morre like the flesh had been ground away, so they washed it, put this gel that seals up the blood vessels, and wrapped it in gauze. They also gave me a tetanis shot. I go to see a doctor tomorrow to check it out. I have this big gause that I'm supposed to leave on till then. So, I'm relegated to nine-fingered typing and no bike riding.

The first thing I thought of was if I'd still be able to play guitar. I'm pretty sure it will be fine because I still have the tip part you usually use and I can bend my finger. The only thing that could be affected is bar chords. We'll just have to wait and see. Either way, I won't be playing for several months.

P.S. I am like so extremely lucky it wasn't worse.
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This is true: [16 Nov 2005|03:32pm]
not only in mySpace, but in life:

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So much for the copyright.
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I'm a Loser [31 Oct 2005|04:47pm]
Here are the only places I've spent any significant amount of time.

How far have I gone in the last 14 years? 2.86 miles.

Also, today I was taking a computer safety quiz in the computer lab and as I was taking it talking about what you should do to keep the computer safe from viruses, spyware, etc. the guy next to me leaves the lab with his computer still logged into his Washington Mutual bank account.
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The River is Too Deep To Ford. You Lose: [27 Oct 2005|02:57pm]
a wagon wheel
74 bullets
1 week's provisions
your first born
Carabutt (drowned)
Pollyface (drowned)


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Straight out of nationmaster [20 Sep 2005|10:28pm]
Encyclopedia: KUSI
Updated 25 days 7 hours 40 minutes ago.

KUSI-TV (Channel 51) is an independent television station based in San Diego, California. The station is owned and operated by McKinnon Broadcasting of Texas. Unlike most other independent television stations, KUSI focuses a significant portion of its broadcast day to news programming, although they do offer syndicated fare such as Live with Regis and Kelly, Frasier, Judge Judy, and the Montel Williams show among others.

KUSI was originally the San Diego affiliate of UPN, which lasted until 1996 when the station decided to drop the network due to low ratings. Many San Diegans without cable (Los Angeles’ KCOP-TV was piped in to the area cable systems) nor a strong antenna (facing Los Angeles) couldn’t pick up UPN programming for more than a year until XHUPN (Channel 49) went on the air in 1998.

Briefly before that, in November 1995, KUSI tried unsuccessfully to wrestle the Fox affiliation away from XETV (Channel 6), when the Fox network first picked up the broadcast rights to the National Football League in 1994, as cited in the United States Court of Appeals (Channel 51, Inc. vs. Fox Television Stations). In that case, KUSI filed an appeal against the Federal Communications Commission in granting Fox a permit to broadcast live sports on the Mexican-licensed signal of XETV. In FCC regulations, stations not licensed to the United States were not allowed to air live sporting events without licensing approval. The permit was granted to Fox on behalf of XETV, and the case was settled on March 26, 1996. However, until XETV started its news operations more than a year later, KUSI provided news-gathering resources to Fox's news and sports divisions for the San Diego market.

KUSI is available on cable channel 9 on all San Diego area cable systems.

Other uses

Kusi is also a Finnish word meaning "piss".
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My Mother [06 Jun 2005|06:29pm]
My mom came home and seemed upset, so I asked her, "Are you tired or mad?" She said, "Both." I said "Why?" She said "I'm mad at the whole world." I said, "Does the world include me?" She said "Yeah." I said "So you're mad at me?" She said "Yeah." I said, "Why are you mad at me?" And she said, "I don't know."

Amid my boredom iduced searching around Livejournals I found this:
Awesome Pic of MarkCollapse )
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Automatic Transmissions [05 Jun 2005|06:27pm]
Automatic Transmissions are so complicated. I cannot figure it out. Planetary gears and sun gears and ring gears and torque converters, it's crazy.
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Nice [03 Jun 2005|05:54pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Live Journal is Dead [30 May 2005|09:43pm]
It has died. Oh yeah.

We shall miss you.
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Wild Divine [26 May 2005|08:48pm]
This looks like the coolest video game ever. It uses biofeedback sensors as the sole source of controlling the program. I really want to get it. Check it out: www.wilddivine.com
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Grades [24 May 2005|05:44pm]
Alright, so I've gotten 4 out of 5 grades back and I'm for sure gonna be kicked out of the Honors Program next year. I now have a 3.26 total, but only 3.15 for this term. The tight part is that I'm officially a Junior now. Class of 07 maybe? That would be really awesome.

Noah is a ping-pong menace. He's got a wicked off-speed serve. We played two matches, I won the traditional match, but he won the olympic scoring match. We got to deuce all 3 games in the olympic scoring but I couldn't convert one. I guess I can't handle the crunch time. And you don't care. He's really good at Frisbee too.
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Robin [21 May 2005|02:12pm]
I went bowling last night with Eren and we sucked. I especially sucked, with a high score of 125. I guess that's what happens when you don't bowl for like 5 years, I couldn't close a frame. There were these guys next to us bowling like 250s it was crazy.

Then this guy Robin who works there came up and was all baggin on us for having the computer in score change mode. He was this fat-ass, beer bellied, bald guy with a toothpick in his mouth and he reaked of cigarettes. He said "The computer gets discombobulated" when you leave it on score change mode. Right when he told me it was on score change mode I understood what happened and turned it off, but he kept explaining for like 5 minutes about what had happened and he stood way to close to me. What a jacknut.

I also saw Nik, Josh, and Jackie there.
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Status: Done [18 May 2005|11:35pm]
[ mood | Status: Summer ]

I just finished my last paper for school this year and I'm so happy about it. I have definitely reached Status: Summer. As Cody would say: Yeah, Buddy!

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Intelligent Life [17 May 2005|09:07pm]
I wish there was at least one other species as intelligent as humans (or more) on Earth. How bad-ass would that be? Hell, maybe those dolphins or chimps are intelligent like some people argue, but we just don't know it. Reminds me of that futuristic computer game we used to play where the dolphin could run for president. What was that? Does anyone else remember that? I wish we could discover intelligent (or even not) life on other planets. I saw this thing on the Discovery channel where they did this mock expedition to a planet with all kinds of weird life. Some were like these huge 5 story tall things called "Grovebacks" because they were so huge they had trees growing on their backs. Then the rover found these things that were intelligent, but it shot off a camera probe. Big mistake. The thing got scared and bashed the rover to pieces. Anyone seen "Mission to Mars?" That was about finding intelligent life on Mars. I wonder what ever happened to Gary Sinise out there.

The Internet truly is the greatest accomplishment of the human race. Thanks, Gore.
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Wierd Dream [12 May 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | Lucid ]

I had this dream last night that I did coke with Ryan. It was wierd cuz I've never done coke in real life so I didn't know what it would be like so my mind tried to make it up. I was hallucinating these wierd abstract art-like images in green and purple. Then I really quickly came down and was able to drive. I'm pretty sure that's not what it would really be like. It was also wierd cuz I didn't live in my house or my dorm room, some weird building. I also remember being pretty upset about just doing cocaine without even really thinking about it and I was thinking like, "man, I really never thought I would do cocaine then I just DID it." And was kinda depressed about it. Then you know you wake up and you remember doing cocaine and you're like "oh man, i can't beleive i did that." but then you realize it was just a dream. It was strange.

Although the night before I did have this dream about making out with Teri Hatcher in a fundamentalist christian cult colony. All my dreams are strange. I wake up and go "How did I not realize I was dreaming?!" I always have dreams at Henry. In the same night as the Teri Hatcher dream I had a dream that I had parked a larger-than-average VW beetle in the parking lot and a cop was giving me a ticket becuase your car can't be wider than 5 feet. I actually had partial lucidity in the cocaine dream because I remember after I came down thinking that I had invented a pretty bad "high" since I'd never been on coke before.

I really want to start my lucid dreaming stuff up again with summer coming. My new years resolution is to have a WILD. I remember that first time. That was way back in 11th grade.

I think it would be cool to make a movie about lucid dreaming. Like a guy tries and tries to acheive lucidity and wishes he could just always be in a dream, then it happens and it turns out sucky cuz there's no one else there. Reminds me of how Katie used to argue so vehemently against me.

I also think it would be cool to make a movie about some people who come to this deserted town and nothing happens. Like no murderer or wax people or vampires or anything. They just come in and they're all freaked out, like scaring each other on accident just sneaking up on accident like. Then eventually they go insane because it's just so weird, but nothing ever really happens.

Another tight movie would be to have the "This is just a test" pattern playing with no other sound, but the picture is like this whole big catastrophe or something really bad. And it's like "Had this been a real emergency, the sound would be followed by instructions" or whatever and then it just ends with the beeping noise as like everyone dies or whatever.

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TA/GA strike [10 May 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Get this: I just got back from my RWS 200 class and the teacher (a GA) informed me that all TAs and GAs in the CSU system are going on strike starting on Thursday. This means I could possibly not have my finals, nor recieve final grades for two of my classes (Comm and RWS), which are taught by GAs. This all, of course, depends on how long this strike lasts, but considering the fact that, according to my GA Mike, the state has not even recognized them as a union, it could be a while. I have a Comm final on Monday (not likely the teacher will be there, but she mentioned a sub or something might happen), then I'm supposed to turn in my final paper for RWS next Thursday. These are two classes that are required for me to register next semester. I'm not too stressed, cuz I know a ton of kids are in the same boat, but it never ceases to amaze me how the financial woes and inadequacy of political leaders at the state and city level continue to fuck me and my family up the ass. (I attend a state university, my father and sister work at a state university, my mother works at a city school.)

I mean WTF?! Arnold just appointed Alan fuckin' Bersin as California Secretary of Education!!

WT fuckin' F?!?!?!

Arnold: "Let's see, the San Diego School Board closed out on his contract and basically kicked him out because of what a collosal jackass and fuck-up he is, so let's put him at the state level."

Fuckin' brilliant! This guy really ought to stick to oiling himself up and posing in a purple thong.

One thing I think is funny is how he has that commercial where he's talking to people in a cafeteria supposedly during their lunch and he says stuff like "I'm going to make Cahlifornia fiscally responsible." and one of his proposed budget cuts will allow for more hours of work before you get to take lunch!!! It's ironical, huh? lol

"So who's in charge in here? ... Cuz I'd really like to meet him." (Get it?)

PS, is this TA strike happening at your school too, Mike?

Oh, by the way I'M DONE WITH FUCKIN' CLASS FOR THE SEMESTER! Only 3 finals left. Summer, here I come.

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